AIS Bridge

SYSCOM’s ImagePlus Replacement Solution

IBM’s ImagePlus product has been used to solve enterprise content management problems for customers since the late 1980’s.  Many customers implemented IBM ImagePlus solutions for electronic document management, workflow and other imaging requirements.  IBM has announced end of life for the ImagePlus program product and its primary client/viewer, IWPM, effective 30 September 2018.  As of that date, support for the product will officially end.

SYSCOM has been working with ImagePlus and ImagePlus customers since the ImagePlus was introduced.  During that time, SYSCOM has created enhancements and supplemental products in support of the ImagePlus repository solution, many times creating duplicate or companion offerings with more functionality than the original program product from IBM.

SYSCOM’s AIS Bridge solution is a total replacement of ImagePlus and is based on a  combination of several products developed as supplemental or enhancements to the ImagePlus product, and new development to combine and complete the functionality.  Using this solution will allow existing ImagePlus customers to continue to function as they do today – no change to process or procedure – and requiring no migration of metadata or image objects.  With this AIS Bridge solution, our customers will be running fully supported and maintained software.

Following is a table depicting the components of AIS Bridge and AIS Bridge viewer and the corresponding IBM solution components that are replaced by the Bridge solution.

In addition to AIS Bridge and the AIS Bridge viewer, SYSCOM provides a plug-in for AIS Bridge to use ICN (IBM Content Navigator) for search and retrieval of content.  This would enable access to the AIS Bridge content as well as to other repository content via the ICN client.  This could simplify business process transition from AIS Bridge document routing of new content to the strategic repository replacement by allowing access to supporting content from any AIS Bridge or other repository.  Leveraging ICN and the AIS Bridge ICN Plugin would allow the business units to more easily transition from AIS Bridge to a strategic enterprise repository.


Implementing AIS Bridge provides our customers with multiple advantages, two of the biggest being: time – to decide on and migrate to a strategic image solution without the deadline of September 2018 looming on the calendar and risk mitigation – by running fully supported software products until a decision and plan to  migrate is executed.  Assisting customers with a viable transition to a “bridge technology” with minimal change to current ImagePlus business users and based on supported software products.