SYSCOM Support Center

The SYSCOM Support Center provides technical expertise to client organizations across the country answering questions, helping to identify and resolve hardware and software problems and providing technical counsel. Our expertise with Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Capture, and Coexistence & Migration makes us your trusted advisor.

  • Error correction
  • Customization
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Integration

Get in Touch

410.539.3737, press ‘4’ for Technical Support
1.800.7.SYSCOM (1.800.779.7266), press ‘4’ for Technical Support

M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST for West Coast clients.
Holidays excluded.

SYSCOM understands that not every customer needs the same kind of support delivered the same way. We have four basic Support Agreements which we can tailor to suit your specific needs. Please print them out and return them to SYSCOM at your convenience. All our agreements are based on the basic Support Terms & Guidelines. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about any of these forms.

Per Incident Option – If you just need some short-term technical assistance, and do not wish to arrange a longer term situation, this option may be for you. Pre-Arranged Option – This option is best suited for customers who know they will need a significant amount of help, but don’t know exactly how much, or how often that help will be needed. Lock in a good price with this option.
Pre-Paid Option – We have created this option for customers that face strict budgetary schedules and deadlines. Use this form to set funds aside with SYSCOM that you can use for technical assistance down the road. Off-Hours Weekend/Holiday Option – Customers who will need assistance at off hours, on weekends, and on holidays should use this form to arrange for our technicians to be available.

Kofax Customers

SYSCOM proudly offers Software Assurance to organizations that use the Kofax family of products. From Ascent Capture to INDICIUS to Xtrata Pro, we can be your first call for Kofax issues. Software Assurance provides you with free upgrades to the latest relases, software error correction, and many more benefits. To learn more about the Software Assurance program, please read this brochure.