The SYSCOM Event Service is a Java web application.  The framework and design of this service allow it to be called from anywhere (see future enhancements) and to instantiate any process engine.

The current event service (designed for use with CM8 and Case Manager) is configured to instantiate cases from content stored in CM8.  The service is designed to take advantage of the event framework of the CM8 repository.  (It could be configured to use the event framework in Documentum, SharePoint, FileNet, etc. – most repositories have an event framework).

When a new document is added to CM8, an event is created to pass case properties, content handling information and the structure of the sending repository.  This is managed by configuring the item type, in CM8, to enable subscription services that trigger messages to a queue with the information needed to instantiate the case.  The event service picks up this event to instantiate the case.  There is a configuration file that determines which type of case should be instantiated.  The service will determine if a case already exists (and update with the content), if the case does not exist, one will be instantiated, and a proxy object added to the case to reference the content.

Currently, changes to metadata are not configured to trigger an event.   Since metadata may be used in defining the case type, using these changes could result changing the case after it has been defined and that is not accepted practice with case manager (SYSCOM case experts state this as well as IBM, since FileNet will also not ‘re-define’ a case based on metadata changes.)

The design and framework of this service enable multiple different configurations, depending on customer requirements.  Some of the future modification and enhancements to the SYSCOM event service, that have been discussed, include:

  • Instantiation of processes outside of IBM Case Manager, including but not limited to, IBM BPM, Pega (also includes a CMIS connector), other process engines
  • Support of content in other repositories – Documentum, SharePoint, FileNet, etc. As most repositories have an event framework, the service would not need to be changed, just the configuration of an event handler for that repository.
  • Non-content instantiation – Simple change to the service to not require a PID for the case.
  • Metadata changes trigger – if there was a business requirement for this, IF the metadata didn’t change case properties, this could be developed. (Not currently allowed in IBM Case Manager).