IP2CM™ – ImagePlus to Content Manager Migration Utility

img-08When choosing IBM DB2 Content Manager to manage business information, organizations must decide upon the best, most cost-effective way to load data from existing ImagePlus repositories. IP2CM leverages SYSCOM’s unique experience with DB2 Content Manager, ImagePlus, and custom applications to ensure that mission-critical data makes the transition quickly, smoothly, and intact, with minimal interruption to users or processing capability.

Why Use IP2CM™?

While IBM offers a migration utility with DB2 Content Manager, it is designed only for standard FAF/FWA customers and is not easily customizable without assistance. Organizations that use a custom front-end for ImagePlus are faced with a choice… They can either put in considerable effort rebuilding metadata from scratch in Content Manager, or employ a more powerful migration utility. With SYSCOM’s IP2CM organizations can rest assured that the metadata, which is so vital to their work, will transition to Content Manager smoothly and intact.

Migration Process

Pre-Migration Assessment
Before beginning the process of moving metadata, it is necessary to ensure that the nuances of your environment and systems are fully understood. To that end, SYSCOM, with your help, creates a Pre-Migration Assessment Report.
When the Pre-Migration Assessment Report is complete, the migration can begin. First, we prepare Content Manager to receive the metadata. Next we extract the metadata from ImagePlus. We then process the metadata as necessary, before loading it into Content Manager. Finally, we validate the migration to ensure that no errors were reported.
Post-Migration Assessment
Once the migration has been performed, we will demonstrate the success of the migration, and confirm that the results are in line with expectations.

High Volume, Low Risk

IP2CM is capable of migrating roughly 1 million documents per hour. With this benchmark, organizations have the option of migrating metadata all at once, or in phases, with minimal interruption to users or processing capability.