Why AnySource Migrator?

Do you need to migrate from one repository to another? Do you want to modify metadata or create new document renditions (convert a TIFF to a PDF, for example) during the migration? Would you prefer a solution that is more automated and reliable? With SYSCOM AnySource Migrator, you can quickly and easily define, execute and confirm a repository migration. Use Cases include migration, document/data export or import, document renditions  and data modification.


SYSCOM AnySource Migrator (ASM) provides the migration architect with a tool to perform taxonomy analysis, define migration processes, test migrations, execute the migrations and monitor the results of the migration. ASM provides over 25 pre-defined connectors to many repositories including IBM FileNet P8/Content Manager, FileNet Content Services and  FileNet Image Services, Microsoft Sharepoint, OLEDB, EMC, and CMIS.

The migration architect uses the ASM migration tool to perform taxonomy analysis, configure migration rules, test migrations, execute the migrations and monitor the results of the migration. He or she configures jobs, processes, operations, and actions using ASM to meet the designs of the desired migration.

Once configured, migrations can be scheduled to execute as needed. During migration execution, ASM keeps track of every document migrated and provides a status that is used to validate the migration results.


  • Provides unusual flexibility in how a migration is designed
  • Provides rendition and metadata update options not normally available in a migration
  • Increases migration reporting
  • Improves project success factors
  • Avoids the traditional need to understand a repository load facility and the effort to manipulate data for the load facility


  • The Job Manager is Accountable, Adaptable, Repeatable, Scalable, Predictable, and Extensible
  • Repository Providers enable the connection to the repository and provide basic content capability
  • The Transformations feature gives the architect an ability to configure Operations and Actions necessary to map and change metadata
  • Several Rendition functions are available to convert TIFF documents to PDF or PDF/A, or MODCA documents to TIFF, or generate Full Text PDFs from image files
  • The tooling is extensible to allow the ability to create custom Providers (for new repositories) or Operations (for new document or data features)
  • Scalable vertically or horizontally to provide the throughput desired


Every organization will encounter a need to migrate data between repositories. SYSCOM AnySource Migrator provides an unparalleled ability to make your migration project successful.

Contact SYSCOM today to discuss adding this valuable assets to your technology suite.