Why Content Viewer?

  • Do you need to replace Java Applets to view content from your management (ECM) repository?
  • Are you faced with a choice of converting Mo:DCA?
  • Do you have many file formats that need consistent viewing capability for users?
  • Do you prefer to use the power of the browser avoiding server side conversion?
  • With the SYSCOM Content Viewer, you can view PDF, AFP (Mo:DCA), and TIFF content and leave content as-is in current repositories.


The SYSCOM Content Viewer provides a browser-based viewer for your enterprise content in an IBM Content Manager (CM8), IBM ImagePlus, IBM CMOD and IBM FileNet Content Manager repository.

The Content Viewer provides an alternative and replacement for current IBM viewer Applets. Your organization can deploy the Content Viewer as an IBM Content Navigator(ICN) Viewer plug-in or embed the viewer in a custom browser application.

The ICN administrator simply configures a new Viewer Map to launch the viewer for the desired file types.


The SYSCOM Content Viewer provides organizations with the following benefits:

> Provides a consistent user experience for many file types.
> Avoids expensive migration or rendition options.
> Provides a complete replacement for existing IBM applets that will soon reach end-of-support.
> Provides quick implementation via IBM Content Navigator.

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