100x100_Team02SYSCOM, Inc. approaches business problems with a focus on solutions. Whether it’s Finance, Insurance, Human Services, or Healthcare, our experts have transformed business in industries across the spectrum.


Enterprise Content Management

100x100_FileFolders02Today’s organizations have more information than ever before. Documents, faxes, email, multimedia. The challenge today is to organize the content so that it fuels business, rather than dragging it down.

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Business Process Automation

100x100_PeopleWorking04Analysis, Design, Implementation. SYSCOM’s experts find ways to improve productivity and efficiency – they make businesses work better.



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Enterprise Capture

100x100_PaperForms02Often the best way to improve content management is to re-think how content enters the system. Enterprise Capture embraces the principle of “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”


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Custom Application Services

SYSCOM helps organizations with complex Information Technology problems, even when the solutions do not fall within any of the categories above. From small staffing engagements to large-scale Application Maintenance projects, we can help you make sense of even the most advanced technologies.

SYSCOM Software

100x100_CircuitBoard01SYSCOM has proprietary technology that builds on IBM-based large-scale infrastructure, including seamless integration with 3rd party, best-of-breed software components.

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