A Tall Order

Before an organization brings new technology into its IT infrastructure, they must answer some critical questions: Will the new system work with the existing systems? Will the existing systems be replaced completely? Will operations have to stop in order to implement the new technology?

SYSCOM, a leader in enterprise system integration, helps answer those questions. Whether it’s upgrading highly customized applications, moving from one platform to another, or melding new and old technologies into a single enterprise solution, we are your trusted partners, designing and implementing strategies that enhance and incrementally improve your business.


SYSCOM has the tools, techniques, and talented people that make integrating new systems and legacy systems much more manageable. From planning through execution, we have extensive experience so we can help you avoid the pitfalls.


When moving from one version of an application to the next, or when moving a system from one platform to another, or even when moving from one application to another, SYSCOM can help make the transition smooth. We identify the risks, and plan the migration to minimize the negative impacts of such a complex operation.

Size is No Object

Our core expertise is in large distributed systems that span wide geographical areas. We migrate data sources with hundreds of millions of records. We work with everything from the smallest PCs to the largest mainframes.

Complete Services

SYSCOM is your partner for every phase of the enhancement. We help with the planning, the execution, and with user acceptance. We even create customized connectors, utilities, and import/export scripts to ensure the project is a success.