AIS+¬†Bridge Edition™

SYSCOM’s Advanced Image Solution Plus (AIS+) provides an alternative solution for a front-end application to ImagePlus. AIS+ combines the existing functionality of IBM’s front end, Folder and Workflow Application (FWA) – with enhanced features for customers looking for a more comprehensive application.


  • OS/390 2.10 or z/OS 1.1 or higher
  • Transaction Server (CICS) 1.3 or higher
  • DB2 6.1 or higher
  • Content Manger ImagePlus 3.1 or higher (IPFAF and IODM)

AIS+BE Workstation Client

Formerly known as FluxWorks, the AIS+ BE Workstation Client is an ActiveX toolkit that integrates with SYSCOM’s AIS+ software. The communication to the Mainframe is accomplished via APPC over either SNA or TCP/IP networks. AIS+BE Workstation Client can be used on Windows 2000 or XP platforms.

AIS+EE Workstation Client provides these AIS+ functions:

Folder Update
Folder List
Folder Note List
Document History
Document Copy/Move
Folder Note View
Folder Note Add
Folder Note Delete
AIS+ Workflow Functions
Document List
Document View
Document Print
Document Fax
Document Delete/Undelete

AIS+ BE Web Client

The AIS+ BE Web Client is a thin-client application that allows Web browser access to ImagePlus objects. All communication is via TCP/IP. A compatible viewer is required as a plug-in to the Web browser. SYSCOM has a viewer available that supports all MO:DCA formats including overlays and TIFF. The JAVA servlet component requires the AIS+ BE Client Toolkit on the same system as ImagePlus to perform the look-ups and object retrievals. The look-up and retrieve process works for both FAF/FWA or AIS+ installations.

AISWeb is currently supported any platform that supports WebSphere V5 or V6 and that has TCPIP connectivity to the host ImagePlus system.