What is HemoVision?


In the future, medical science will be revolutionized through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. Screening for infections will be carried out by computers and microscopic images will by analyzed through the use of AI-enabled software. That future may be closer than you think.

Introducing HemoVision, from SYSCOM. HemoVision uses powerful Deep Learning technology to recognize micro-organisms found in blood. We trained HemoVision to identify Lyme disease biofilm from images taken under a microscope.

Many bacteria that cause serious chronic infections can evade the body’s immune system and resist treatment from antibiotics by secreting a protective residue called biofilm.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 80% of chronic infections are associated with biofilm; this makes the detection of these organisms vital to the treatment of several bacterial infections, such as Lyme disease.

HemoVision provides enormous potential for the future of medical innovation and SYSCOM is leading the way as an expert in this emerging technology.

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HemoVision, from SYSCOM. Because tomorrow is already here.

Datasheet – Lyme Disease Research

Beyond Blood Analysis

What if?

What if Artificial Intelligence was about more than self-driving cars, or changing the thermostat in your home, or predicting stock prices?

What if Artificial Intelligence could be used to save lives?

At SYSCOM, we ask, what if that technology could be used to help your parent, your child, or even you?

What if computers could identify microscopic organisms, just by looking at them? What if Artificial Intelligence could alert you to the presence of bacteria? What if machines could tell you what kind of pathogen it is, and what if this could be done in real-time, from anywhere in the world? What would that mean for the future of medicine? What would that mean for the eradication of disease? Of human well-being? Of health and happiness?

Imagine taking a drop of blood and getting a pathogenic reading from that blood. Imagine getting results in seconds, rather than hours. And imagine a company that had developed that technology. Imagine being part of that technology.

What if this was possible? What if this was vital? What if this was a vision of the future? And what if that future was already here? What if that future had a name?

The future is here.

The future is now.

The future is HemoVision.