DOCULATOR – AI in Document Separation

It seems that every day we are introduced to innovative new uses of machine learning.  From autonomous vehicles to product recommendations to detecting pathogens in blood and monitoring crop health.  Were you aware that machine learning can also be used in everyday business applications to solve manual tasks? Such as document separation in large mortgage packages?

While this may not sound groundbreaking, manually separating documents is an expensive, labor intensive process using valuable resources which could be spent on more beneficial tasks.

DOCULATOR, from SYSCOM, uses advanced machine learning technology to quickly and effortlessly separate documents. DOCULATOR analyzed mortgage packages, separating them into documents in seconds, rather than hours (or days), increasing throughput and efficiency, allowing transactions to be completed much quicker than before.

DOCULATOR does not require a processor intensive OCR engine. DOCULATOR can be on-cloud or on-premise.  Because DOCULATOR uses machine learning, it can be trained to recognize your specific documents.

Call today and learn how DOCULATOR can help you in your business.

DOCULATOR, from SYSCOM.  Because tomorrow is already here.