PhytoVision – AI in Agriculture

Computers can make millions of calculations every second. But unlike humans, computers cannot do something that for us is fundamental – and that is to see – until now.
Introducing PhytoVision from SYSCOM. PhytoVision uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to teach computers to see as we do, an emerging technology known as computer vision.
Computer Vision is changing the way companies approach agriculture. From identifying nutrient deficiencies and diseases found on plants, to precision targeting of weeds, which reduces the use of pesticides. Computer vision taps into the vast availability of the world’s images to learn and improve.
We trained PhytoVision to recognize dozens of different plant conditions found on numerous crops, including mineral deficiencies, spider mites, leaf blight, and plant mold. Training is an iterative process, and the better the quality of your images, the better PhytoVision will be able to perform.
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PhytoVision, from SYSCOM. Because tomorrow is already here.