Strategy Consulting

  1. Current ECM/BPM State and Target Strategy Understanding

To deliver a clear and viable ECM/BPM Target State Strategy starts with the understanding of key aspects of the current ECM/BPM program/technology state in the customer’s environment as well as harnessing the strategic planning already invested by the customer.   The recommended approach will begin with assessing selected areas of the current ECM/BPM state and digesting the various domain strategies. Tasks include:

Understanding Domain Strategies

  • Request documentation on all published Strategies, if any.
  • Setup a call with each Strategy Owner for overview and clarification of questions derived from documentation review.
  • Identify strategy execution projects underway to obtain implementation approach and timelines.
  • Begin capturing content integration data points from strategy.

Content and Process

  • Execution of this task is based on the familiarity gained with the review of the Reference Architecture and Cloud Strategy.
  • The customer will provide a contact for each ECM Repository, and BPM solution (if separate from the repository) to provide understanding of how the content is being created and used, processes involved with the content, as well as the product architecture.
  • Set up interviews with repository owner(s) to discuss access patterns, access volumes, and content types and identify business units using the repository content.
  • Set up interviews with business units to discuss business requirements and business processes for access and use of content in the repositories.
  • The customer will provide repository (and BPM, if separate,) vendor product roadmap information and facilitate a discussion (if needed) with the vendor to obtain this information.


  1. ECM/BPM ECM Assessment

The objective of this step is to create a current state assessment and needs document that will be used as input to development of the ECM/BPM strategy

Understanding the customer’s current use of their ECM/BPM technologies will show not only the benefits and capabilities of the system today, but will help to identify other business problems that could benefit from ECM/BPM solutions, along with gaps in functionality in the current solutions.

Combining the current state assessment and needs with the customer’s strategic planning will enable the creation of an effective ECM/BPM strategy.

  1. ECM/BPM Target State Recommendation

The objective of this step is to create the ECM/BPM strategy and a recommendation that can be used as input to creation of a strategy implementation plan.  Additionally, the recommendation will include operational and continuous process improvement suggestions, along with best practices for a shared services organization.

Phases, contributing to the whole and bringing value on their own, will enable a more dynamic build of the strategic roadmap allowing the plan to adjust as business and technology plans and strategies evolve.  Minimizing impact on the business users and applications that utilize current technology and content is also a driving principle of development of the implementation plan.

Technical Expertise

SYSCOM’s technical expertise spans a wide range of platforms and technologies

Mainframe – zSeries
AIX/UNIX – pSeries
AS400 – iSeries
Windows – xSeries
SUN Solaris

Content Management
FileNet P8, IBM Content Manager, ImagePlus/390

Content Capture
Kofax, Datacap, Captiva

Web Application Development
J2EE, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, WebSphere, WebLogic, Netscape Application Server, Apache, COM/DCOM, ASP, Microsoft IIS

Application Integration Middleware
WebSphereMQ, WebSphere MQWorkflow, WBI Server Foundation

Enterprise Database
DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server

Midrange and Client/Server Distributed Systems
Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, .Net

Network Management
Microsoft Windows Network Management Systems, SMS, Tivoli, Netfinity ManagementServices, CISCO

Operating Systems
zOS, OS/390, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, OS/400, Windows

Business Engineering and Object Modeling
Rational Rose, WebSphere Business Integration Modeler, WBI Monitor

Lotus Domino/Notes, Microsoft Exchange

Enterprise Application Development
CICS, TSO/ISPF, RPG, C, C++, Java, RACF/ACF2, WebSphere, VSAM, Assembler, COBOL II


Staff Augmentation

SYSCOM’s Staff Augmentation consulting services primary goal is to provide skilled, qualified technical staff to meet a customer’s staffing/outsourcing needs as expeditiously as possible.  We provide technically proficient, experienced staff that meet or exceed customers’ requirements.  Services are provided with either field-tested SYSCOM, Inc. consultants or through a rigorous, time-proven sourcing and vetting process that includes formalized testing, thorough history and background analysis, and extensive interviewing.  Our process enables us to provide the best resources in the industry, who will perform well for your organization.    Most of our resources are renewed beyond the original contract term.  Likewise, SYSCOM, Inc.’s employees stay with SYSCOM for many years.  The average tenure of our employees is over 14 years!  Our average turnover rate in the past 3 years was 2%!

SYSCOM, Inc. can provide individual resources, an entire team of resources, or resources for an entire department/agency.  Typical positions we fill include: Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers/Analysts, Technical Writers, Architects, and Testers.

Support Center

The SYSCOM Support Center provides technical expertise to client organizations across the country answering questions, helping to identify and resolve hardware and software problems and providing technical counsel. Our expertise with Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Capture, and Coexistence & Migration makes us your trusted advisor.

SYSCOM understands that not every customer needs the same kind of support delivered the same way. We have four basic Support Agreements which we can tailor to suit your specific needs. Please print them out and return them to SYSCOM at your convenience. All our agreements are based on the basic Support Terms & Guidelines. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about any of these forms.

  • Per Incident Option – If you just need some short-term technical assistance, and do not wish to arrange a longer term situation, this option may be for you.
  • Pre-Arranged Option– This option is best suited for customers who know they will need a significant amount of help, but don’t know exactly how much, or how often that help will be needed. Lock in a good price with this option.
  • Pre-Paid Option– We have created this option for customers that face strict budgetary schedules and deadlines. Use this form to set funds aside with SYSCOM that you can use for technical assistance down the road.
  • Off-Hours Weekend/Holiday Option– Customers who will need assistance at off hours, on weekends, and on holidays should use this form to arrange for our technicians to be available.


Kofax Customers

SYSCOM proudly offers Software Assurance to organizations that use the Kofax family of products. From Ascent Capture to INDICIUS to Xtrata Pro, we can be your first call for Kofax issues. Software Assurance provides you with free upgrades to the latest relases, software error correction, and many more benefits. To learn more about the Software Assurance program, please read this brochure

Managed Services Solutions

IT organizations face a multitude of challenges as they look to optimize and transform their operations.  The main obstacles to well-run IT operations include knowledge gaps, increasing complexity and unpredictable costs.  And the likelihood of being able to transform operations without first stabilizing and improving IT operations is a long-shot at best.  It is because of this need to meet variable demands from the business with a flexible IT operation along with the need to keep pace with advancing technologies that a managed services approach is vital to a business’s bottom line success.

Because of this, SYSCOM, Inc. has developed a set of offerings that provides SYSCOM’s experts to ensure that you gain the most value and performance from your information infrastructure.  Our offerings around monitoring and support as well as break/fix support and enhancement delivery allow our customers to reallocate your own valuable resources to perform tasks that only they can perform, while your technology investment is managed by people who are experts at managing these types of environments.

Our commitment to a superior client experience drives our skilled experts to optimize the execution of the tasks we are assigned and provide our customers with predictability of cost.