The primary goal of SYSCOM’s Contract Staffing Services is to provide reliable, qualified  resources to meet your staffing needs as precisely and expeditiously as possible.  We provide technically proficient, experienced people that meet or exceed your requirements.   Our process enables us to provide the best resources in the industry, who will perform well for your organization.

SYSCOM  provides individual resources, an entire team of resources, or resources for an entire department or agency.  Typical positions we fill include: Project Managers, Architects, Business Analysts, Programmers, Technical Writers and Testers.

SYSCOM’s consultants bring uncommon depth and breadth of experience to organizations nationwide.  When you bring in a SYSCOM consultant, you can count on quality work that is done on time and under budget.   SYSCOM’s world-class recruitment and hiring procedures allow us to provide highly talented experts with the skills that count.  The fact that our resources are often renewed beyond their original contract term is evidence of our customers’ satisfaction.

SYSCOM’s experts stand ready to help your business achieve its goals.  We do short term engagements, we do engagements that span years, we do placements, we work on-site or remote, whatever the requirement.  We provide you with exactly the right people to fill the gaps in your business.

When  you hire a SYSCOM resource, you not only get the person you hire but you benefit from knowledge and experience of everyone at SYSCOM.  Your SYSCOM Engagement Manager provides oversight of the resource(s) engaged as well as periodic interaction with the management of your company as appropriate.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the best fit culturally and technically at the best possible price.

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