CISO Challenges

  1. How do I ensure that my internet Attack Surface infrastructure has not been exposed to cyber intrusion?
  2. What are the probabilities that my organization encounters a cyber-attack?
  3. What is my organizations non-financial exposure to possible cyber-attack?
  4. How mature are my defenses against cyber-attack?
  5. How do I compare with my peers with respect in addressing cyber-attacks?
  6. How does my current supply chain adversely impact your business delivery model?
  7. How might future vendor relationships impact my business?

SYSCOM answers the call

SYSCOM combines best of breed Probability and Impact analysis models and Attack Surface Management tools with process management into one comprehensive toolset providing information that empowers your organization to monitor your risk and exposure attributable to cyber-attack and take proactive actions to mitigate associated risks.

SYSCOM Attack Surface Monitoring

Attack Surface monitoring subjects the full scope of your organization’s “attack-surface” to evaluation, extending cybersecurity outside the corporate firewall to reveal four areas of your corporate digital presence where most organizations lack the visibility to pathways hackers are exploiting.

  1. Global Attack Surface: Your global attack surface is much bigger than you think: How big is the internet, and how quickly is it growing? Today’s hackers might know as much about your attack surface as you do: The attack surfaces analysis shows that even the average large-cap organization has visibility issues leading to vulnerabilities across its digital presence.
  2. Hidden Attack Surface: Attackers don’t have to breach an asset you own to attack you. Rogue threats mimicking brands to attack their employees and customers prevail internet wide.
  3. Mobile Attack Surface: Organizations shouldn’t just focus on the Apple App Store and Google Play when defending their mobile presence. Attack Surface Management data explores the threat landscape across 120 mobile app stores and the open internet.
  4. JavaScript Threats: A New Frontier of Cybercrime: Organizations are finding that the code on their website is a fertile ground for cybercrime. With Attack Surface Management, JavaScript threats like Magecart can be identified.

With Third-Party and Vendor Relationship Management capabilities, you can monitor the security ratings of the vendors in your supply chain providing you with answers to the following critical questions:

  • Which vendors and suppliers are creating the most cyber risk exposure to my business?
  • What new cyber risks exist because of my vendor relationships?
  • How much cyber risk is being added to my business from to my supplier and vendor ecosystem?

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