The whole archive – every word – on the workstation.

img-07Organizations worldwide have invested in technologies to capture, store, and manage digital images of critical documents. Unfortunately most of this information cannot be accessed other than with pre-defined, limited, structured methods. SYSCOM, Inc. has created IBIG to finally give these organizations complete and total access to their information.

IBIG extracts every word out of every image in the archive, and creates a fully searchable Reflection Repository. Using layers of automated character recognition, based on multiple lexicons, accuracy rates are higher than ever.

The Reflection Repository is built from existing legacy content repositories using SYSCOM’s patent-pending Image Text Transformer (ITT). ITT uses SYSCOM’s Meta Image Rover (MIR), which extracts and collects the images, and their associated metadata, from an entire content repository or a specific application domain(s).
ITT subjects the image to automated Character Recognition. IBIG achieves recognition rates above 99% using state-of-the-art OCR combined with supplemental processing of uncertain results. The ITT’s supplemental processing employs SYSCOM’s Character Resolver that uses multiple lexicons specifically designed for IBIG optimization and other sophisticated linguistic analyses.
Retrieval & Integration
The search engine user interface is enhanced with the ability to view the raw image documents in lieu of, or in conjunction with the Reflection Document. IBIG features a tool bar that launches a search, and displays results in a highly configurable way. Images can be viewed using the default image viewer, or by a multi-frame UI that presents the image side-by-side with its Reflection document.

Moving Beyond Metadata

Organizations that understand the value of Business Intelligence have, until now, relied on the careful and exhaustive extraction of limited metadata to penetrate their image repositories for useful information. IBIG makes it so much simpler. Rather than guessing which questions will need to be answered down the road, IBIG-enabled enterprises can learn from all their data on an as-needed basis.