SYSCOM Case Manager Quick Start Toolkit

The SYSCOM Case Manager Quick Start Toolkit enables you to jump start your IBM Case Manager project by providing a working collection of reusable components. The Case Architect will copy components from the Toolkit into a new Case Solution and use the Toolkit as a functional reference to rapidly create a rich Case application. The Toolkit includes a Case Solution with many Pages, Tasks, Custom Actions and In-baskets as well as Custom Services, Custom Widgets and working EDS examples.

The Tool Kit uses the following strategy:

Includes a Template Solution called SYSCOM Case Manager Toolkit that will provide building blocks of basic components used to create a more specific solution. This capability leads to fast initial iterations on a new project.

Includes components derived from our experience in building solutions and generalized into components of the Toolkit.

Implements best practices that result from designs and implementation of previous Case Solutions. This ensures you have the correct foundation from which to build new Solutions.

Includes Custom Services and Custom Widgets that are extremely valuable for integration to LOB systems and data presentation.

To highlight a few of the major components of the Toolkit, these components are available for your Case Solution:

The Custom Grid Widget – data related to the current Case is presented to the user in a tabular format. A common scenario is to look up the current Case in a database table and provide the user with a table of data. This is much more powerful than a list of properties. For example, the data could be a list of open errors or a list of actions required by a QA reviewer. The user can take action on one row of the grid and sort or filter the rows of the grid.

toolkit grid

The Custom Dynamic Checklist Widget – a question and answer interview. The Dynamic Checklist takes the user through a series of pre-defined questions. The questions are often yes/no instructions that help a user navigate the current Task. The answers are recorded as a document and saved to the repository for audit purposes.

Dynamic Checklist

The inline script debugger – a developer widget. The iterative process of Page setup in Case Builder is time consuming. The script debugger allows a developer to greatly improve their productivity by allowing them to interactively create and test how they will wire widgets together by avoiding the slow code/deploy/test cycle.

Integration Services Layer – a foundation for rapid development of a Service Oriented Architecture that will be needed in order to integrate any Case Manager application to your existing Enterprise applications. You’ll need both a SOAP/XML (for back end applications) and a REST/JSON (for the user interface) capability in a service layer in order provide the results of a Case to your systems and to provide useful data to users from your systems. IBM Case Manager does not provide this integration directly.

The Toolkit contains dozens of components, including Pages, Tasks, Custom Actions, In-baskets, Widgets, Processes, Services, and Data Services, and is continuously updated with new components.