Does your organization need consistent access to your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repository?        Is your development cycle for ECM integration often too long?

With SYSCOM Content Services your organization can quickly, consistently, and securely access your ECM system.


SYSCOM Content Services provides a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to control and manage access to your enterprise IBM CM or IBM FileNet CM repository.

Administrators can quickly create and deploy new services with simple configuration.

Content repository Consumers can use RESTful service calls to query, update, view, or retrieve content from the repository without having to code to the content repository specific API’s.

Several optional modules provide specific complex composite functions like the ability to open the IBM CM Viewer from an independent web application or to reindex a document.


>      Helps meet compliance objectives by providing consistent procedures

>      Improves project development timelines with easily configurable services

>      Provides a core set of common content features that are extensible

>      Provides the ability to access multiple repositories using the same calling structure

>      Insulates Line of Business applications from updates to Content Systems Features


>      A Common set of Core Functions provides all the necessary basic ECM functions such as SaveDocument , FolderDocument, FindDocument, and more

>      An integration layer is extensible, allowing you to build and deploy new composite functions

>      All built as a JEE application providing scalability of your existing Java application server environment

>      A configuration language for administrators to define consumable “content functions’ to make new services available.

>      Make your own composite functions

>      Optional Component Modules provide specific composite functions including

ViewALL – allows for automatic viewing of images that match provided search criteria, can search across itemtypes.

ReIndex – allows for changing a folder or document from one DocType to another; configurable for specific attribute validation rules.

DocumentModify – allows manipulation of pages in a TIFF or MO:DCA image or the creation of a new image from an existing image.

ExCallIf – Interface to CICS; the called program can be a legacy or custom program, DB2 SP, ImagePlus, etc.

An IBM Partner Solution for Services Access to IBM Content Manager, SYSCOM Content Services is built as a highly configurable JEE Web application.


Any large or small organization must consider options for faster development and compliance initiatives. SYSCOM Content Services provides the common ECM services to make your project deployment simpler and faster.

Contact SYSCOM today to discuss adding these valuable assets to your technology suite.  For more information, contact Michael Voytilla, +1 410 539 3737 x1370,