The end of an era has come and gone with the 2018 end of life of IBM’s ImagePlus product and the imminent end of any extended support agreements, a few into late 2020.  Since the product was introduced in the late 1980s, it has been the backbone for enterprise content management for many customers.   Some customers have implemented new solutions and migrated all content, moving completely off of ImagePlus.  Other customers have implemented new solutions, but still access ImagePlus for legacy content.  And still others use ImagePlus as their ECM repository, actively storing content today.  What is the answer?

Well, there isn’t ONE answer, there are multiple solutions depending on what your business needs.  The simple fact is that SYSCOM has been working with these products for more than a quarter of a century and has the deepest ImagePlus knowledge available.  SYSCOM can help with multiple solutions for ImagePlus customers – solutions based on how the repository is used now and strategic business requirements for content enabled solutions in the future.

SYSCOM offers AIS Bridge – a full ImagePlus replacement – that allows companies to continue with no content migration necessary, minimal, if any, disruption to the business and minimal change management.  AIS Bridge will replace ImagePlus, without a costly migration, allowing you to continue to run a supported solution.

SYSCOM has a full lifecycle migration tool – AnySource Migrator (ASM) – that is an ‘any to any’ migration tool with full functionality to transform metadata and objects, if necessary, before migrating images from the proprietary format used by ImagePlus to any target repository.

SYSCOM offers a ‘best-effort’ extended support agreement that allows you to continue to run ImagePlus in a ‘supported’ environment.  While SYSCOM does not have access to the ImagePlus code, the majority of any potential issues would be more environmental or co-existence, and we have plenty of expertise in those areas.

SYSCOM has a content federation framework that allows you to continue with a legacy archive repository and a go-forward strategic solution.  With the federation framework making the decision on where to find the document, your users simply ask for what they need without knowing when and where it is stored. This could be an answer whether using ImagePlus and extended support or AIS Bridge as the legacy archive.

Whether you choose to replace, federate, migrate or extend support.  In essence, SYSCOM  can ‘create time’ for you; taking migration out of the critical path of time and money, allowing your ECM decision to be strategic rather than a quick, rushed plan to de-commission ImagePlus as soon as possible – not allowing time to move documents, change business processes and business applications and implement a solution, not to mention hiring and or training resources in the new skills necessary to operate and support a new solution.  SYSCOM has the answer to that problem, also.

SYSCOM has been working with ImagePlus since the creation of the product.  We have created solutions and ancillary products to work with ImagePlus that have been valuable to our customers for years.

SYSCOM is the answer for any customers still using ImagePlus today.



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